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Whatever the work carried out on the cover of a house, construction of a frame, renovation of the roof, sealing of the latter, insulation of the attic, the latter must be covered by the ten-year insurance of the professional(s) in charge. of these projects.In the event of damage to these elements of capital importance, the project owners have the possibility of turning against the project manager, whether he is a carpenter, roofer, waterproofer, zinc worker, simply installer or each of them. .

In order to guarantee their work and achievements, building professionals are obliged to take out civil liability insurance intended to cover their works for 10 years .However, this guarantee may not cover all types of damage related to roofs… let’s go around the subject together and see what damage is covered by this guarantee.

 In which cases is a roof covered by ten-year insurance?

A roof is a vital element of a house and the latter is often put to the test since it is in the front line with the outside and undergoes multiple aggressions throughout the year (bad weather, violent winds, pouring rain .Hence the importance of a good under-roof screen , for example.When in 1978 the Spinetta law established the obligation for construction professionals to take out ten-year insurance, it was mainly to cover individuals against major damage and related to the very structure of a building; the enclosed and covered elements such as the roofs were obviously considered at the same level as the framework or foundation elements.

In the event of damage, whether the result of poor workmanship, a hidden defect, or an external element, a roof is covered by the ten-year and financial compensation may be collected by the insurance in order to repair the related claim(s). However, it should be noted that the damage in question must be of the “ten-year” type, that is to say that it must compromise the solidity of the building or its viability.Minor, low-impact or aesthetic damage is therefore not covered and it will not be possible to turn against the civil liability of its professional roofing craftsman.

 Does the warranty only work for roof construction?

Whether your roof is newly built (new building for example) or whether the work carried out on your house is a roof renovation, in both cases, the professional’s ten-year guarantee is compulsory and will cover the work built or renovated for a decade at from the end of the work.Again, the damage found must be of a certain nature and sufficiently significant for the warranty to work.It is important to check whether the professional appointed for your work has up-to-date insurance. If this is not the case, the latter risks a fine of €75,000 and 6 months in prison. The individual does not risk a fine, but risks having to fight legal proceedings to obtain compensation for the damage by his craftsman.

Pay attention to the maintenance of your roof.

In many cases, before the insurance company of a craftsman supports the damage or problems seen on the cover of your house, an expert will issue a diagnosis and in very many cases, it may be that the insurance ten-year cannot play its role.We have seen this previously regarding the types of damage, but this is also true regarding the origin of the latter.If the damage is observed because you have not maintained your roof properly , if you have used it in a contraindicated way, then the insurance will not work and the professional will be cleared of all liability.

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