Christmas decor ideas

There is no doubt that Honolulu, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful cities to live in.  From picturesque views to ideal city life, the area is perfect for individuals to purchase their next home.  Honolulu is one of the many cities that saw a major uptick in home prices as well as faster home sales during the past year or two.  If you are a Honolulu homeowner who is considering selling this winter, you may be wondering how to decorate for the holidays while keeping your home attractive to home buyers. Follow a few of these decorating ideas to bring holiday joy to your home even when you are preparing it to sell.

 Make poinsettias a focal point

The Hawaiian word for poinsettia is Pua Kalikimaka, which means “Christmas flower.”  Display these beautiful native Hawaiian flowers throughout your home for added color.  Poinsettia is beautiful in large groupings or placed alone as a centerpiece.

Spruce up the fireplace

Nothing says the holidays quite like a long strand of garland across your fireplace mantle.  Garland wrapped in twinkling lights will add warmth to any room.  So will a few well-placed candles or vases of holiday-colored flowers such as red poinsettias with a few stems of greenery.

Keep it traditional

Just because you are trying to attract buyers from all over the world doesn’t mean you need to skip the traditions that make your Hawaiian holidays special.  Say Mele Kalikimaka with a style of home decor that reflects the beauty of Hawaii.  Integrate hibiscus, gardenia, and plumeria in your floral decorations.  Remember, buyers are interested in your home because of the area it is in, so play up the beauty of Hawaii with your Christmas decor.

 Outdoor Decor

Keep your home festive even if you are preparing to sell by choosing classic holiday decor that boosts curb appeal.  

Add lights

While you may want to steer clear of Grizwald-level Christmas decor, you can still add a bit of twinkle to your lawn for the holidays.  Wrap the base of your palm trees in outdoor lights or add a few strands around your front porch.  Increase sparkle with holiday-themed pathway lights or hanging lanterns.

Hang a wreath

 A simple wreath hung on the front door can add plenty of holiday joy to your home.  Stick with a classic look by using plenty of greenery.  Add native Hawaiian flowers such as hibiscus and orchids for extra color.  

Accentuate indoor/outdoor decor

Hawaiian winters are anything but cold, which means you can utilize your indoor-outdoor space for the holidays.  If your Honolulu home has an outdoor dining area or covered patio, take advantage of the extra space.  Outdoor decor such as potted greenery, hanging outdoor lights, and outdoor throw pillows can add spots of holiday color.

If you invested in a fire pit or fireplace like many homeowners have done over the past several years, you can spruce up the area with a bit of holiday decor such as outdoor holiday throw pillows, blankets, or a small beautifully lit holiday tree.

Selling your home, especially during the holiday season can be stressful. If you are selling your home during the holiday season remember that less is more.  Don’t go overboard on excessively religious items or over-the-top Christmas decorations.  Keep decor simple so that the beauty of your home can continue to show through the entire holiday season.

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