jungle decoration

Do you dream of an exotic or tropical decor that smells like the end of the world? The jungle decoration is for you. Original and fresh, it can be played in total look or simply by keys. Discover the codes and the essentials to make a success of your jungle decoration and liven up your interior!

Jungle decor in the living room

Jungle decor: the spotlight on exotic woods

Wood is obviously the first element of a jungle decor. It is found in furniture, but also in small accessories: lights, pots and vases, statuettes… Bamboo, walnut and acacia are exotic woods that are ideal for this type of decoration. In the living room, opt for example for a beautiful walnut table or an acacia sideboard. The advantage of walnut is that it has light or dark shades, ideal for adapting to the rest of your interior.

Bamboo is also found in the form of fibers in small decorative objects, such as a lampshade for a suspension. You can use pretty woven baskets as planters in a jungle room decor or bamboo poufs.

Wood can also end up in flooring. The dark shades of wenge or teak are rather intended for small rooms such as the bathroom or a bedroom. In order not to darken the whole, bet on very light walls and a refined decoration.

Metal in a tropical decor

The jungle decor is not necessarily all wood. Metal has its place. Black steel structures are quite classic with exotic furniture, but you can also opt for brass. Its golden bronze shades go perfectly with exotic wood and green and blue hues. Bring the brass in small touches, thanks to a light or in the faucets of the kitchen or the bathroom for example. It can also be a metal and glass coffee table or the legs of an armchair or wooden furniture .

Copper is also an interesting choice in a jungle decor, because it brings pink nuances that will contrast with the green.

The textiles of a jungle decoration

Natural materials are welcome in a tropical decor. For household linen, choose for example linen or cotton in raw and neutral tones. They will go perfectly with the colors of exotic woods, either in contrast or in harmony. These materials are also found in carpets, tablecloths or wall decorations. For a colonial-inspired tropical vibe, linen sheers are perfect. In a bedroom, this is an opportunity to install a mosquito net draped as a canopy over a wooden structure!

More original, the velvet brings a warm touch very in tune with a jungle living room decor. Choose for example a deep green sofa whose velvet will come in harmony with the exotic woods or a single deep green or blue armchair. If you prefer, you can opt for cushions , curtains or a bedspread. Velvet exists in different textures, which allows for a variety of styles and effects. You will get a chic and elegant jungle decor.

Foliage is also essential and gives your decor a soothing air. You can choose them in the form of wallpaper to dress up a section of the wall. If you prefer something more discreet, opt for cushions, a tablecloth or curtains with plant motifs.

Good to know: “abundant” does not mean “overloaded”

The pitfall, when you opt for the jungle decor, is to go overboard. In order to keep a soothing and harmonious whole, be careful not to overload your decoration. If you put up a wallpaper printed with large jungle leaves, limit yourself to one section of the wall and make reminders with the accessories.

You do not want to put green on the walls? Some panoramic posters offer jungle decorations in shades of gray or less imposing sepia. The jungle decor in black and white is also very trendy, associated with only a few touches of green.

Jungle animals are also the stars of tropical decorating patterns. Their advantage: bring more vivid colors that are easy to match without falling into the total look. The “insect” prints have more discreet patterns and come in multiple colors.

The final touch: the accessories of a jungle decoration

Prints are easily found in accessories and small decorative objects. This allows you to give an exotic or tropical inspiration without necessarily changing all your furniture or repainting your walls. Arrange, for example, plates with foliage motifs on the table or printed cushions on the sofa or bed. A beautiful braided rug can also feature exotic patterns.

Do not forget the statuettes on tropical subjects, whether in wood, ceramic or metal. Pink flamingo, jaguar, parrot or small monkeys will go perfectly with vases with ethnic motifs, ceramic pots or terracotta whose tones will recall those of the earth.

the accessories of a jungle decoration

colors of a jungle decor

Vegetal motifs, large plants, exotic animals, tropical materials… you don’t need more to make your jungle decor a success. Your interior will take on an air of elsewhere thanks to our tips and a few judiciously chosen obects. It’s your turn !

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