Going back to basics or betting on simplicity to enrich your interior is the art of minimalism. Often equated with a cold and empty decoration, this too little known trend has more than one trick up its sleeve! Born in the 60s in response to the consumer society, minimalism continues. He also spends the years without taking a wrinkle. Controlled sobriety, harmony between aesthetics and practicality, minimalism requires having the eye. It’s a real job to find the right balance to create a perfect cocoon. Maisons du Monde gives you some tips for adopting a chic minimalist decor in your interior.

Minimalism does not mean that you have to give up furnishing your living rooms. However, we must focus on quality rather than quantity! Each element must serve your decor, highlight it while highlighting the dominant trend of your cocoon.

If straight lines take precedence over curves, roundings are not to be excluded, on the contrary! They can even rub shoulders with the rectilinear. Again, it’s all about balance. Furniture with a sober design is associated with timeless or neutral colors such as grey, black, white or taupe. The marble furniture finds its place perfectly in the living room, in the middle of a minimalist decor.

By playing this card of simplicity on a key element of your furniture, you can add more marked objects alongside it. For example, a white dining table with straight lines, very refined, can be accompanied by more colorful chairs. In this case, bet on neutral shades like pastel. Black seats or gray seats will also stand out from your dining table. This will create an interesting contrast that will serve a simple style.

Do not hesitate to choose furniture offering storage space. This will also give importance to the available space. A maximum of elements must be concealed here. The more your furniture is sober, the more the result will be in line with the style you want to obtain. Do not try to fill the free surface of your room, on the contrary, tame it! Don’t we say that it doesn’t take much to be happy?

It is in this philosophy that you will appreciate this trend at its fair value. Forget exuberance in your cocoon. For a refined decoration, simplicity prevails! The walls shouldn’t be cluttered to maintain the minimalist vibe you want to create. One or two shelves, a simple frame or painting and you’re done! Limit exhibitions of objects of all kinds, keep only what is strictly necessary.

White is very present in the minimalist trend, but beware

¬†white is white! If you choose this dominant color in your interior, it must be immaculate. it’s all or nothing, black or white, and eventually gray. But keep in mind that each element must be united.

For the floor, go for the lacquered wood that easily dresses up a living room decor of this type. It naturally combines with the flagship colors: black, white and gray while offering a warm side to your living room. It is also possible to opt for waxed concrete with a raw effect. Combined with a beige or white sofa and immaculate furniture, the result is irresistibly minimalist.

To create harmony in terms of decoration in your home, choose unity. Opt for the minimalist style in all of your rooms. It is perfect for this, allowing you to create a timeless atmosphere that you will never tire of.

Chic minimalist decor in the bedroom

For this type of atmosphere to be successful, your room must be perfectly tidy, offering a neat decoration. We advise you to invest in different storage units so that nothing sticks out. Also add mirrors to visually enlarge the room and install an armchair to accompany your bed. The space must remain relatively empty to maintain this impression of minimalism.

A minimalist decor in the living room

In the living room, it is the same. You need to limit the number of pieces of furniture to maintain this impression. We advise you to add a few elements to make the living room cozy. Why not a carpet for example! Choose it plain to keep the harmony.

Better to avoid brightly colored pieces. If your room is large, the corner sofa is perfect! It brings a cozy touch, all in sophistication to your decoration. This is also the case of the armchair . If the surface of the room allows it, do not hesitate to add one or more to gain comfort.

Finally, do not neglect the choice of your lights . They have a lot to do with the success of your minimalist decor. We advise you to choose them for their discretion. Floor or halogen lamps are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. If you want to add a light source to the ceiling, of the suspension type, give preference to black or white metal lamps. Before changing all your.

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